What happened when Mom Courtney took up Taekwondo

Meet Taekwondo moms from around the world who have made the later-in-life decision to take up martial arts and hear about the profound impact it has had on their lives…

When Courtney started her Taekwondo journey age 39, she was the ONLY student in her class for adults. It has since grown to 8 and Courtney says becoming a Taekwondo mom has given her peace, fulfilment and a part of herself she thought had been lost forever…

Taekwondo Beginner Mum or Taekwondo Beginner Mom Courtney


1. What prompted you to become a Taekwondo Mom?

In November of 2016 my then 7 year old son (who has autism, sensory processing disorder, and ADHD) was invited to a birthday party at one of our local taekwondo schools.

He was so happy and had such a wonderful time which was way out of the ordinary for him, as usually people, places, and noise are super stressful.

It took another 5 months, until April 2017, but I convinced him to do a trial class. He loved it immediately (and has now earned his purple belt, is also studying weapons and sparring and has competed in 4 tournaments).  Taekwondo Mum or Mom Courtney

I was enchanted watching him practice.  He and I are so much alike and I could see him opening up and growing as a person with each class.

I constantly imagined what it would be like to find that freedom within focus.  I saw on the school schedule that there were adult classes but I was nervous.  I stalked the school like a creeper during the adult class times but I noticed no one was there at all and the school was closed.

In the meantime my neuro-typical 8 year old daughter convinced me to let her try.  (With a background in ballet she has been amazing, even left dance behind because her heart is more with Tae Kwon Do.)

So now I’m watching both of my babies practicing TKD and I couldn’t get it out of my head.  I finally work up the nerve to ask about the adult class (I was so nervous as I also have sensory processing disorder) and our school master hands me a new schedule and the adult classes were removed.

I was distraught and I forced myself to ask – “what about the adult classes?”  Master Maeng (our teacher) said that no one ever signed up.  I told him I really wanted to try.

It took a month but he put it back on the schedule.  I signed up right away.  I spent 6 weeks where I was the only student. #awesome  We now have a class of 8 adults.  #trendstarter

I now practice three days a week (I keep campaigning for more adult classes on the schedule but so far no luck 🙂


2. What do you hope to achieve through your Taekwondo training?

I hope to find the same freedom that my son has.  I hope to find a focus that my mind has never been able to achieve.  I hope to strengthen my body (and slim it at the same time.)  I hope to show my children (and my students – I’m a school teacher and many of my students attend the same school) that age does not define you or your abilities.


3. How do you feel your Taekwondo training benefits you?

Tae Kwon Do has given me a peace I didn’t know existed.  It has given me back a part of myself that I thought I had lost forever when I suffered severe PPD with my son.

It has made me a better mother, a better teacher and even a better wife.  I have found a part of myself outside of everything and everyone else I know and love and I feel fulfilled.  I just had my one year TKD anniversary and celebrated with a torn left hamstring and a hip injury that has yet to be diagnosed.

Being forced to sit on the sidelines for three weeks was devastating. In a way though, it confirmed that TKD has not only helped my physical health but my mental health as well.  I guess, it’s my drug of choice.


4. What would you say to someone thinking about trying Taekwondo?

I encourage everyone to try.  It might be great for some and not for others but without trying you’re only ever left with “what if”.  I would tell them that they would be surprised at how not intimidating it is, once you are through the door.  Everyone I have met in TKD has been super supportive and amazing.


5. Do you feel becoming a Taekwondo Mom has had an impact on other areas of your life such as family, career etc and if so, what are they?

Taekwondo training has impacted every area of my life.  At home – because I now have an outlet for myself I feel less stress in taking care of my family.

My kids and I have this in common.  We will practice together and they are my cheerleaders.  At work – I have found my focus increasing and that is super great when it comes to accomplishing tasks.

I even finished a few projects early this year.  (Usually I am always running late.)  My students love knowing that I do this.  They come to me when they earn belts or have a success or to show me the new forms they are learning.

Friendships – this is huge for me because I have a hard time making friends and talking to people but I have a confidence I didn’t know was lacking before.  I’ve become friends with the people I train with and even some of the other parents there who don’t train.

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  1. Rebecca Reply

    Hi Courtney and Kristy,
    Thanks very much for sharing this story. I can identify very strongly with your experienced benefits from Taekwondo training, regarding focus, peace and especially in bringing me out of my shell and into social situations.
    Please keep up the amazing work, hope that your hamstring injury recovers quickly and that you find the answer to your hip pain.

    • Kristy Reply

      So many amazing benefits for all kinds of people who come together with one shared interest. Thank you Rebecca. 🙂

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