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Taekwondo blogger Kristy Hitchens aka The Mortal Mouse

Heads up though! This is NOT your traditional Taekwondo Blog. I’m not an instructor so a lot of what you will see here is less about technique and tradition and MORE about encouragement, inspiration and well…fun!

I started Taekwondo after watching my son train for 5 years and just after I turned the big 4-Ohhhhhh. It’s been an utter game-changer for me.

I decided to start a Taekwondo blog because I have made some wonderful connections all over the world with others who love all kinds of martial arts for fun and fitness. I’ve also found many experience the same ‘game-changing’ effect as me.

The story I wrote hoping to inspire others to just HAVE A GO at something new was published on the website of Women’s Health magazine Australia and was shared on Facebook almost 7000 times. It was my first article about Taekwondo so I decided to keep writing and The Mortal Mouse was born.

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I was a shattered person but martial arts is helping me re-build again!

The damage done as a result of the abusive relationship I was in had developed into such crippling anxiety – sometimes I would struggle to even leave the house.

Despite the support of my loving family, once the external bruises had healed I had to start dealing with the internal damage that had occurred as a result of a being in a violent and abusive relationship.

I relocated to Perth to be closer to family and much needed support networks. It has been years since I’d made a commitment to any sort of physical sport or exercise, the thought of trying to learn something new in my 30’s was completely daunting.

Then I saw the Pink Belt Scholarships advertised on Facebook and noticed that a club near me was participating. I nervously got in contact with the instructor of the club to express my interest.
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Leaving my trauma at the door while I train

*Sienna (*name changed) is a 22 year-old university student who was sexually assaulted by her romantic partner. In January, 2020 to help gain a sense of control back over her life she commenced training with her local Taekwondo club under a Pink Belt Scholarship.

In her own words, this is how she has found the experience so far… Continue Reading »

2021 Pink Belt Scholarships: Apply Now!

Applications are now open for Pink Belt Scholarships: All expenses associated with one year of training in the traditional martial arts including uniform and equipment covered for a woman who could benefit from this gift of empowerment.

In addition we have two scholarships being offered by martial arts clubs in the US. Details below.

AND for the first time: One scholarship for a young woman aged 13 to 17 that can be used at any Taekwondo club in Australia.

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The secret super power hidden inside us all

When it comes to goal-setting, inspirational quotes and motivational monologues will no doubt light the fire in your belly. Even drive you to take that very first tentative step.

How many though, feel inspired, set a goal and just stop well before the starting line is even out of sight?

No judgements. They probably had their reasons. Some are excuses sneakily disguised as reasons but nevertheless, they stopped.

What if you set a goal and then couldn’t stop?

What could you achieve? How far could you push yourself once the rubber hit the road, if deciding to stop just wasn’t an option?

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Pink Belt Scholarships: Apply NOW!

Applications are now open for Pink Belt Scholarships: All expenses associated with one year of Taekwondo training including uniform and equipment covered for a woman living in Australia who could benefit from this gift of empowerment. Continue Reading »

NEW Pink Belt Project merchandise!

I’m very excited to introduce the new Pink Belt Project range of ladies and girls fitness apparel.

Now all of us chicks who like to kick can celebrate the martial artist within every day – not just when we’re in our uniform.

Wear it underneath your dobok/gi/work uniform/pjs, I don’t MIND! Where it everywhere.

But the absolute kicker is that a percentage from every sale goes direct to my Pink Belt Scholarship fund, empowering women in need with free Taekwondo for a year.

And the full range (including youth tights) is available for easy online purchase. 🛍🛒🎁

I don’t know about you but I am loving the little kicking girl on the back of the tights.

Flat rate shipping to US and UK. 📦

Shop now https://fitify.com.au/pink-belt-project/

What to know more about Pink Belt Project? Visit this dedicated blog page.


Forget everything you’ve heard about learning self defence!

Truly horrifying statistics around the rate and scale of violence against women in Australia right now is being regularly referred to as a ‘national crisis’.

In addition to pleas for Government action and long-term cultural change, women are being urged to arm themselves against the rising threat by taking self defence classes.

Learn to block, strike soft targets, disarm and take-down say the martial arts experts!

But we ain’t listening. In fact, less than 1% of Australian women are participating in a “combative sport” (or form of martial arts), according to a survey by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Continue Reading »

Martial arts helped protect me while living in fear

In *Renee’s own words: My first introduction to taekwondo was around 2006 as a mother to a spirited 3 year old, I wanted to get back into shape and found a friendly environment to learn and train in at IronTiger Castle Hill.  Continue Reading »

Product Review: Elite Sports training bag

I feel like I’ve reached some coveted new level as a real deal, don’t-mess-with-me martial artist.

My training bag smells like feet. Continue Reading »

10 kick arse Mother’s Day quotes to share with your Taekwondo besties

On Sunday (May 12) in Australia it’s Mother’s Day. I spent a little time gathering a tidy collection of powerful quotes about motherhood I thought my fellow Taekwondo mums would enjoy. Continue Reading »

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