Leaving my trauma at the door while I train

*Sienna (*name changed) is a 22 year-old university student who was sexually assaulted by her romantic partner. In January, 2020 to help gain a sense of control back over her life she commenced training with her local Taekwondo club under a Pink Belt Scholarship.

In her own words, this is how she has found the experience so far… Continue Reading »

2021 Pink Belt Scholarships: Apply Now!

Applications are now open for Pink Belt Scholarships: All expenses associated with one year of training in the traditional martial arts including uniform and equipment covered for a woman who could benefit from this gift of empowerment.

In addition we have two scholarships being offered by martial arts clubs in the US. Details below.

AND for the first time: One scholarship for a young woman aged 13 to 17 that can be used at any Taekwondo club in Australia.

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