Pink Belt Scholarships: Apply Now!

Applications are now open for Pink Belt Scholarships: All expenses associated with one year of Taekwondo training including uniform and equipment covered for a woman living in Australia who could benefit from this gift of empowerment.

Who can apply: Applications will be accepted from Taekwondo schools or clubs ONLY. Scholarship funds will be paid direct by Australian Taekwondo to the club or school where the scholarship beneficiary intends to train in two $1,000 instalments. One on December 31, 2018 and one on June 30, 2019.

Taekwondo clubs: Find women in your community who could benefit from learning Taekwondo but cost prevents them from participating.

Women: Approach your local Taekwondo club or school and ask the instructor there to make an application on your behalf.

How to apply:

Send an email with subject line of “Pink Belt Scholarship Application” to participation@austkd.com.au with the below details completed:

Taekwondo Club or School name:
Head Instructor Name:
Belt Rank:

School address:
Contact phone number:

Scholarship Beneficiary Name:
Explain in 100 words or less why you believe this woman needs a Pink Belt Scholarship and how you believe she will benefit.

Applications close on Friday, December 7.

How are applications assessed?: Applications will be assessed by a panel to include The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger and Pink Belt Scholarship Founder Kristy Hitchens and staff from Australian  Taekwondo. Winners will be advised by phone and announced on the Facebook pages of The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger and Australian Taekwondo on December 31.

Scholarships on offer:

  • 2 x scholarships for training at any Taekwondo club or school in Australia
  • 8 x Sangrok World Taekwondo Academy
    Hoskins Street, Mitchell, ACT
  • 1 x Fearless Martial Arts
    Fairfield Road, Guildford West, NSW
  • 1 x Irontiger Martial Arts (specialising in Taekwondo)
    Carrington Road, Castle Hill or Windsor Road, Rouse Hill, NSW
  • 1 x Chung Do Taekwondo
    Various locations, North Shore, Northern Beaches, Chatswood,  Sydney, NSW
  • 1 x Club Titans
    Elizabeth Street, Diamond Creek, Victoria
  • 1 x Melbourne Taekwondo Centre
    Various locations, Melbourne, Victoria
  • 1 x United Taekwondo Hobart
    Angelsea Street, South Hobart, Tasmania

For more information about the Pink Belt Scholarship Project or to make a donation visit:


Enquiries contact:

The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger Kristy Hitchens

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