Empower women with a Pink Belt Scholarship

The Mortal Mouse & Australian Taekwondo have joined forces in the hope of helping at least one Australian woman to realise the incredible life benefits of Taekwondo training with a one year Pink Belt Scholarship.

You can be a personal contributor or Business Sponsor by donating here: https://chuffed.org/project/pinkbelt

A little bit of context

Our world needs more women doing Taekwondo.

Why? Because in 2018 domestic violence, abuse, eating disorders and workplace inequality STILL cause immense suffering.

These are complex issues and learning Taekwondo is no miracle cure. But it CAN help.

But there’s a problem

The money needed to cover things like classes, uniform, equipment, seminars and membership can put Taekwondo lessons out of reach for many women.

And often, for those women who would benefit from the training MOST.

If you’re a Taekwondo school or club, you probably have someone in mind RIGHT NOW who you wish could start training with you.

But you also know she could never afford it. And your club just doesn’t have the funds to sponsor students, as much as you would love to.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

In a perfect world, the opportunity to realise such important life benefits shouldn’t come down to money.

Together we can change this, if ONLY for ONE woman and ONE club.

The Mortal Mouse Taekwondo Blogger in partnership with Australian Taekwondo has created the Pink Belt Scholarship Program. It will provide one year of Taekwondo training for a woman over the age of 18, living in Australia.

A woman, who would benefit immensely from the training, but is prevented from participating in Taekwondo due to cost.

You can join us

Individuals, clubs, schools and businesses from anywhere in the world are invited to contribute from as little as $5 to the scholarship fund which will be administered by Australian Taekwondo. Every dollar will count.

Businesses who contribute $200 or more, will be recognised as sponsors of the scholarship program in associated publicity including blog articles by The Mortal Mouse, press releases and social media posts by The Mortal Mouse and Australian Taekwondo.

At the completion of the fundraising campaign, applications will be sought from Australian Taekwondo clubs and schools on behalf of a potential scholarship recipient they would like to host.

How will this work?

Once fundraising closes on Friday, November 30, Taekwondo clubs and schools operating in Australia will be invited to make an Application for a Pink Belt Scholarship on behalf of a potential student they would like to sponsor.

Applications will be reviewed by a panel to include the Mortal Mouse and members appointed by Australian Taekwondo.

The Pink Belt Scholarship will be paid directly to the successful recipient by Australian Taekwondo.

If you are an Australian-based club or school that teaches Taekwondo, and would like to be notified when Applications for the scholarship open, please let us know your email address HERE.

And if you have any questions at all about this project, please feel free to email Kristy (aka The Mortal Mouse) brownmouse15@gmail.com

Donate here: https://chuffed.org/project/pinkbelt




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