Product Review: Elite Sports boxing gloves

I do so love to punch and kick things for fun but I have never really thought of myself as particularly sporty, athletic or fit.

For this reason I was a tiny bit gob-smacked when sports clothing and equipment company Elite Sports asked me to review some of their gear.

Am I even qualified for that?

After giving this some careful thought, I figured (rather than targeting ELITE Athletes) Elite Sports must be interested in making the average, everyday punter like me FEEL like an Elite athlete by providing them with quality gear at an affordable price.

So if that’s their game plan, Elite Sports, I’m your lady! Read more to claim a discount on purchase…

So in the interests of complete transparency, Elite Sports sent me a pair of their Adult Standard Boxing Gloves in Neo Yellow and Black

I did not pay for the gloves. In return they’ve asked me to write about their performance so I’m going to do that as honestly as I can.

As it happens, I do feel pretty qualified to report on the performance of boxing gloves since I’ve used a few different ones over the past couple of years.

Admittedly not in the ring or anything like that, more for fitness cardio kickboxing.

Elite Sports Australia
Elite Sports US

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Why I like to box

It complements my Taekwondo training nicely for the following reasons:

  • Boxing is an awesome cardio workout! Improving my fitness in that regard means I’m better equipped for Taekwondo sparring.
  • Anyone who’s done a bit of boxing would know that a big part of the power in your punch comes from your core. Boxing has really improved my core strength which translates into improvements in my Taekwondo kicking control, technique and strength.
  • Both boxing and Taekwondo sparring build better reflexes so again, combining the two forms of training complement each other nicely.

So back to my super cool Elite Sports boxing gloves… 

My verdict

Right up front, I was really impressed! Afterall, they’re pretty sexy am I right!!??

Wait until I tell you they come in a whole palette of different colours. I know, you’re absolutely correct in thinking this is a deadly serious and technical equipment review! Haha.

Seriously though, there’s black and pink, black and red, black and blue, black and orange and MORE!

Kids ones too!

You can choose from 10, 12 or 14oz sizes and there’s a size guide according to your weight to help you choose the right ones. I went for the 12s.

What I liked

They have a heap more padding in them than anything I’ve used before – much more like a proper boxing glove – but no heavier.

What I also really appreciated was the extra wrist protection they offer. The wrist wrap section was wider (or longer) than I’m used to but felt so much more supportive. My hands stayed in place nicely.

That was a bonus for me because my wrists do cop a sprain now and then if a punch lands a bit awkwardly.

Last thing to mention is the price. The quality of these gloves far exceeds anything I’ve tried before at a similar price point – say, a brand like Everlast that you would buy at your local sporting goods store or variety shop.

I could not comment on how they would stand up to a more heavyweight workout but I’m guessing that is not the market Elite Sports are chasing.

I can say that my boxing coach was equally impressed with the quality and padding when he slipped them on for a quick go.

That old adage of “you get what you pay for” absolutely comes into play when it comes to sports gear but for the money, these gloves in my humble opinion, are a great buy.

You won’t be disappointed. I’ve put a child-sized pair on my daughter’s Christmas list.

Oh yes! They have an Australian and a US website so no matter where you are located, getting your hands on Elite Sports gear shouldn’t be an issue.


Elite Sports  have also just released a new range of gym apparel under the Born Tough brand. You can check that out here.



  1. Gary Vee Reply

    Nice review.
    I think a pair of these might go into my wifes xmas stocking.., then I can get mine back. :))

  2. Neil Davies Reply

    They sound great Kristy. Many women now box for exercise, and as you say it’s a great cardio workout. We’ve come a long way since boxing gyms were dingy, cough and spit establishments run by grizzled old guys and populated by hard eyed young men eager to vent.

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