Product Review: Elite Sports Punching Mitts

I’ve never been a particularly girly girl. No surprises there right? Haha.

But I have to admit, when Elite Sports presented an opportunity to test their punching mitts in neo yellow to match my super cool neo yellow boxing gloves…

Let’s just say the thought of a matchy matchy set had me more excited than a bunch of tweenagers at a sleepover party.

So in the interests of complete transparency, Elite Sports sent me a pair of their Punching Mitts in Neo Yellow and BlackElite Sports Punching Mitts

I did not pay for the mitts. In return, they’ve asked me to write about their performance so I’m going to do that as honestly as I can.

As I’m lucky enough to have people who read my blog in my own country of Australia and overseas too, here are the links for the Australian and US sites of Elite Sports:

Elite Sports Australia
Elite Sports US

For a special discount ONLY available to readers of my blog, just enter coupon code THEMORTALMOUSE at checkout for 20% off the price of ANY purchase.

As you may already be aware, I combine boxing workouts with my Taekwondo for the benefits of cross-training.

Elite Sports Punching Mitts

I’ve used quite a few different sets of mitts or pads and can say with absolutely certainty (after having the pleasure of giving these ones a hiding over the past three weeks) they are a cut above the rest in their market.

Two main qualities stood out to me and to my boxing buddies as well when they had a crack with them.

Comfort inside

There’s so much more padding and mesh inside the mitt so they feel really super comfortable and your hands don’t get all sweaty because of the mesh ventilation.

Adjustable strap

Pretty much every single pair of mitts I’ve ever used move around on my hands a lot when they’re being hit. I have to keep pushing them back onto my hands between sets. The chance to tighten the fit with this strap is absolutely brilliant and not a feature I would have expected on a product in this price category.

Elite Sports Punching Mitts

My boxing coach Mick gives them a test run.

In addition they are nice and lightweight with a soft outer cover.

Just like the range of boxing gloves by Elite Sports they are black with a rainbow of feature colour options to choose from so you too can be all matchy matchy like me.

That’s important right!? Haha.

Seriously though, as a set, the Elite Sports boxing gloves and punching mitts are both (in my opinion) an excellent buy.

I was so impressed with my gloves, I bought (yes, with my own money!) a set of gloves for each of my kids for Christmas. They’re proving to be an excellent tool for dealing with tween and teen hormones in my house! 😉

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

Gloves for my whole family!

Elite Sports Punching Mitts

My boxing buddy Michelle gives them a test. She has little hands so really appreciated the adjustable strap.


Elite Sports  have also just released a new range of gym apparel under the Born Tough brand. You can check that out here.

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