Product Review: Elite Sports training bag

I feel like I’ve reached some coveted new level as a real deal, don’t-mess-with-me martial artist.

My training bag smells like feet.

Might have something to do with the pink (of course!) boxing wrist wraps I forgot to wash.

Not all that pleasant for anyone who enters close range but I’m good with it. In fact, that aroma of hard work makes me feel a tiny bit proud.

Speaking of my bag, while I’m weirdly satisfied with its current smell, I’m not happy with its size.

Since I’ve added shin and arm guards for Taekwondo sparring into the mix, I literally have to dive in head first in order to find the small stuff like my asthma puffer or car keys.

My training bag is just one big open tote kind of thing.

It’s driving me nuts.

You can therefore imagine the sheer lust and trumpets playing when my eyes clapped onto the Warrior Series Training bag in hot pink donated by those cool kids at Elite Sports as a fundraising auction item for my Pink Belt Project.Elite sports training bag

Let’s just get this out of the way first! If hot pink is not your thing (say wharrrrt?) it comes in a plethora of other colours. Black, grey, blue, red, even white!

Elite Sports Australia
Elite Sports US

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But what caught my attention straight up, besides the colour, was (omg!) the number of pockets!

There’s one shaped perfectly for shin guards.

There’s another that’s water-proof with a mesh lid – that’s gotta be for the sweaty gear am I right!?

There’s even a perfectly sized pocket to slide your shoes into.

There’s little ones for keys, phones and mouthguards too! Now that’s a dead sexy level of order for carting your gear.  Lol.

Plenty of space too in the main compartment for a set of boxing gloves and pads or kick targets too. So. In. Love.

If all that’s not enough, it has straps to carry it as a backpack, shoulder bag or just regular training bag. Nice heavy-duty canvas-type material too so it really looks like it will last.










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