Taekwondo is giving me my life back

Hi my name is *Linda. I am a pink belt recipient of the pink belt initiative.

I feel very grateful.

All my life I have struggled with PTSD due to very early on trauma and abuse. I was afraid of my own shadow and was living with a lot of panic and dissociation symptoms.

Especially after suffering from domestic violence in relationships.

I was stuck in a sad cycle of fear panic and abuse. I had lost nearly all of my strength and courage and was a shell of a person.

It was very sad. Healing through taekwondo

A year or two ago I met my instructor Carly after building up some courage to do something to help my issues.

I was so glad I did.

I felt instant rapport with her and felt like I had made a good decision.

Unfortunately though I could not afford the lessons I needed to pay for Carly. I had only recently left an abusive relationship that took nearly everything from me.

Carly saw me for nearly no payment as she really wanted to help. I really wanted the help but was struggling financially.

Soon we heard of the Pink Belt initiative and I applied.

I got it and was so happy.

Since working more closely with Carly and more often I am much more confident and feeling more safe in my body.

I am gaining more courage and the will to fight back and not quit.

I’m learning skills to protect myself and not feel like a victim.

I am learning techniques for my breath as I’m also asthmatic.

I am learning to manage my response of being in flight mode and internally running.

Instead I am more grounded and more centred and feeling like I can own my own space and position.

Learning all these new techniques are life changing for me.

I am growing so much.

Especially in confidence.

I am so grateful for everyone involved in this pink belt initiative.

It has given me my life back.

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  1. Mel Reply

    Hi Kristy and Linda

    Thank you for the Pink Belt scholarship update Kristy and for sharing your story Linda. It is wonderful Linda, that you are gaining the courage to work with your instructor Carly and take back your own space, position and life.

    The Pink Belt project really is an amazing initiative and opportunity – thank you both for letting us see the overwhelming benefits of this scholarship!

  2. Karen Fraser Reply

    Dear Linda,

    I send you hugs.

    From Karen XX

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