Your blog inspired my son to start Taekwondo!

As I’m sure you’re aware by now, I write for a mostly (eh-hem) middle-aged audience. Therefore I was filled up with goodness by the below message I received from Norwegian Dad Tor about the little sparks my article created for his 11-year-old son…

I recently started TKD at 40, inspired by my daughter of 8 who came home from each practice with a huge grinning smile on her face chock full of enthusiasm over what she’d learnt.

Aching joints and wheezing breath aside, I’m having a great time! My son of 11 recently expressed a cautious interest to join, but was reluctant at the same time. He’s quite cerebral and a little anxious about new stuff.

I talked him through the points in this post and it seemed to resonate with him. He decided he’s coming with us to practice this Thursday! I’m really proud he let his curiosity overcome his fear and I hope he can settle into this great art.

Thank you! Love your blog! Keep writing!


So my son had his first practice last week. He was nervous, but resolved to give it his best. He made an agreement to line up behind his sister so he could take his cues off of her, and that worked great.

I was watching through the window and I caught them exchanging glances and her giving him small nudges for posture and attention, which was just lovely to see.

The sabomnim is a 1. dan, she is in her mid 20s, very focused, strict, but friendly and very good with the kids, getting the group to focus, sensing when someone is struggling and picking them up.

My son came out starry eyed and smiling and was super eager to share everything he had learnt. He was especially proud that he had got the etiquette right with bowing on his way in and out of the dojang and before doing exercises with a partner.

He even went up to the instructor and senior student, bowed and thanked them after practice, which is very unlike him! When I asked if he wanted to try it again he was 100% affirmative he wanted to continue.

He’s tried a handful of other activities, and his response has usually been along the lines of “it was *okay*…”, so this was something completely new! I’m a little overwhelmed, to be honest.

Thank you again for the post and your thoughts that helped me convince him! This seems like the start of a beautiful journey!


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